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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: The Gorgeous Brangelina Couple!

Jennifer Aniston may be still upset about her break up with Brad Pitt,because nobody want to lose a guy like him! She can hate Angelina Jolie though this most sexy Hollywood celebrity aka the famous Tomb Rider steal his hubby. Although they were now divorced but they were the last great couple of hollywood!

Hollywood celebrity couple
Ah,Thats HUGe,Angelina! PLZ 😛

The Brangelina Couple is the most sexy and hot couple recognised by many hollywood magazines!

The story started when Brad and Angelina Jolie worked together in “Mr And Mrs Smith”. Our guy Brad Pitt fall so badly for angelina so he decided to make her his real Mrs! (they are not married yet)

hollywood hot angelina jolie
Jolie 4!
Angelina jolie ex boyfriends
Here Jolies HubbyZ 😀 fours only??huh!

Anglenia jolie with Brad pitt

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angelina jolie smiling at brad pitt

So Jennifer can cry,cry cry loud! Angelina that bitch stole my hubby! 😛

hot angelina jolie hot images

Oh i am getting funny though! He he he it;s really funny to imagine that! 😀 😀 😀  

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Angelina jolie and Brad pitt Hot Videos

So, What You Think About This Hollywood Super Couple? Do You miss them together like us? 🙁 

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