Courtney Love

Courtney Love Tweeted Topless Photo!

Courtney Love tweeted hot photos of herself and post them on Facebook. Although i don’t know if she does this for attention because it looks a lot like this!

this week she did it again,tweeting the below photos. There was no caption.

Courtney Love hot Photo



In the pic Courtney Love wearing underwear and a slip is by her foot on the floor.

In another shot, nearly-naked lounges in a chair with her eyes closed,her arms crossed over her chest to cover herself. Sexy!!! Making her fans crazy!!

In another photo, Courtney Love poses hot in underwear and tights, playing with her sweater in front of a mirror.

Courtney Love hot

Love, lead singer of the band Hole , is an avid Twitter user. Man, She knows how to make people horny!! 😀

Courtney Love Tweeted Topless Photo

Oh!! Man!! This is HOT!!!

Courtney Love Hot Video

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