The Hanks couple donated blood in a corona vaccine study

Tom Hanks and Rita Hanks have been treated for coronary heart disease in Australia. Tom lost all his hair during Corona’s treatment. The bald-headed Tom said, ‘This is the hair growing again. But you know how many benefits. I would have taken a bath in less time. ‘

What did Tom learn from Australia during his treatment? He replied, ‘I have learned that 38 degrees Celsius means good, and 38 degrees Celsius means bad. That’s the way Hollywood judges women. ”Tom joked, criticizing Hollywood’s patriarchal attitude.

Twice Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks commented on NBC Network’s popular show Saturday Night Live that it didn’t take long for Corona to return to normal life after winning the war. This time, with the blood in the Corona Vaccine Laboratory, he once again introduced himself as the real hero.

It is thought that as Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson recovered from the corona, they have now developed corona antibodies. So the couple collaborated with the Corona Vaccine Laboratory on blood. According to Business Insider, the couple, who won the Corona War, have expressed interest in donating their blood and plasma in their research on Covid-19. Tom said, ‘We said, do you want our blood? Can we give plasma? We will put it in a place that will be useful. I want to call it Hank-Sin. ‘

“A lot of questions are coming up now,” Tom said. What are we doing now? What do we have to do? And the truth is, we noticed we were carrying antibodies. “

While shooting for a biopic in Australia, Tom and his wife Rita Wilson’s Corona ‘Covid-19’ tested positive. The couple later returned to Los Angeles in early March and were in quarantine for more than two weeks.

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