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What will human life be like in the post-apocalyptic world? Judging by evolution, Survival of the Fittest – those unique in strength or intelligence will certainly benefit. However, there are possibilities for people who can adapt to all environments. People’s interest in the imaginary world is so limitless. In this context, let us know about some of the best movies in this genre.

Post-Apocalypto Movies

1. Snowpiercer [2013] – The second ice age is the result of failed efforts to tackle global warming. Survivors are traveling around the world on a luxury train. Class customs exist according to train bogies. Coup, social analogy, great action sequences are all there – along with the crazy Tilda Swinton Free!

2. Children of Men [2006] – The year 2026, the human race engaged in a worldwide war. World infertility has appeared since 2009. The youngest person in the world has died at the age of 18. In the meantime, the mother of childbearing discovered by the central character of the movie. He must be kept her alive at any cost. Various aspects of moral values – immigration and refugee complexities, persecution come up in the story. In the words of the director in the movie, “There is hope for the optimists, the pessimists will find extreme despair.”

3. Stalker [1979] – This is the story of three people traveling to a magical place called “The Zone” in a world of a completely unknown future. Where the deepest desires of the mind can be fulfilled. The complex narrative is a kind of challenge for the viewer. One has to be amazed at the various decisions made by the aesthetic visuals and the characters. Speaking of Tarkovsky’s movies.

4. The Road [2009] – Dark skies, ashes floating in the air, fathers and sons walking along the road with one hope in their minds, if they can reach the destination, maybe something good is waiting. The father-son relationship, as well as the primitive instinct to survive, is revealed. What would you do if you were in their place?

5. Mad Max: Fury Road [2015] – The world of a steam-punk future exists with the scarcity of resources i.e. oil and water. Where poor colonial rule has been established! Every day there is a struggle to survive. The adrenaline rush from beginning to end, gorgeous action sequences, paying attention to the finer details of each scene, as little dialogue as possible – all in one head-turning movie. Inspired by the original Mad Max, George Miller showed the creators how to make pictures.

6. Delicatessen [1991] – Surreal Black Comedy in Post Apocalyptic Genre – A Deadly Combination! If it weren’t for this movie, it would probably be incomplete! In an endangered world, a homeowner often arranges delicious meals for his diverse tenants. No one knows what the cooking utensils are. After mysteriously disappearing, the newcomer to the former tenant’s place suddenly discovers that the utopia is going to be the opposite of what he had hoped for. The guts are round, the stomach is full of weird scenes, dark humor is all over the place. The most bizarre application of a musical instrument – creating a melody with a saw – is the first experience here.

So which one your favorite?


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