Breaking Bad tv series review

Breaking Bad (2008 – 2013) TV Series Review

While in quarantine, I finished watching the highest-rated TV show Breaking Bad. Even if it is just extraordinary, it becomes less. There are doubts as to whether it is possible to come into the world of show less TV series like Flowless and Great Completion like Breaking Bad. There were many more things in this series including story, acting, making that made BB unique.


Breaking Bad (2008 – 2013)
Episodes – 62  
Rotten Tomatoes – 96%
IMDB – 9.5/10 (1.34M Votes)

Walter White who is a chemist and school teacher by tradition. In such a situation, he was suddenly diagnosed with cancer. With the future of his family in mind, he decided to make money by making methamphetamine or meth (a drug). Due to his expertise as a chemist, his drugs are pure and at one time the most sought after product on the drug market.

Walter hired his former student Jesse Pinkman as his collaborator. He has to deal with various situations while handling this business. Stress about family, secrecy, guilt sometimes worked in Walter’s mind. Jesse, on the other hand, is fierce again. Breaking bad with all this. Director Mr. Vince Gilligan finishes this series in the movie El Camino.

There are a lot of my favorite characters. Walter White has Brian Cranston and Jesse Pinkman has Aaron Paul. At the end of the series, Mr. White’s character is forced to remember.

Jesse is also addictive. More can be said. Hank Schrader, Soul Goodman, Gus Fringe, Mike, their work is not to be missed. Soul Goodman was great entertaining – Better Call Saul! Skyler is annoying!

To me, the kick moment started from the third season of BB. The story has been stored before without unnecessary fast pacing from the beginning and just boom from the right time.

Which makes the characterization of everyone great. Walter’s character transition is the best transition I’ve ever seen. The background music is also great. The 4th season is full of goosebumps and the season finale is surpassed all.

Breaking Bad is not just a story about a high school teacher becoming bad. In this TV series, you can find out how your conscience can consume you and take you to the brink of destruction. How important family is and how deep the love for it can be found in this series.


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