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Fury (2014) David Ayer Movie Review

World war 2 then took an extreme dramatic form. The battle between the Nazi forces and the British-American allies will now be face to face. In front of the German mechanized forces, the exchange of bullets will be eye to eye, the fire god sitting in the tank will respond to the 6-inch cannonballs.

Spoiler Alert!

Movie Name: Fury
Director: David Eyre
Story writer: David Eyre
Movie Type: War, Action
Release year: 18 October 2014
IMDB rating: 7.8 / 10
Run time: 135 m

Written and directed by David Eyre, Fury is based on some of his best-known 2nd world war survivor real-life experiences. And so the movie takes us to the real battlefield. Where life means death or death.

The M4-Shrman tank, built at the England Arsenal, is fitted with an 80mm machine gun and a heavy metal 54-ton monster Tiger. Its brawling fighting scenes will draw any war-loving cinematographer to the battlefield.

Towards the end of the war phase, the German forces were crushed. The task of the Allied forces is now to occupy Germany. Experienced generals gave the responsibility to North African campaign winner Don Collier (Brad Pitt). armed battalion 66 is now under his control. Don set foot on German soil with 3 more tanks with a tank called Fury. With 4 experienced fighters and Nabish Norman.

Not the eight-week experience of joining the army, the death of the assistant driver of the Fury tank made him this adventurous adventurer. Nabish Norman does not understand how fierce the war ahead is. For that, he has to face the persecution of other crews.

On the battlefield, he is afraid to shoot the enemy. He became soft in the sense of humanity. So Don was forced to make him kill an enemy soldier who was violating the Geneva agreement. Inexperienced Norman broke down in tears.

This time Wardady Don gets the responsibility of guarding an important road junction further ahead. On the way, Norman fall in love with a German girl. Meanwhile, 300 of Hitler’s forces are coming forward again.

Just then, at the corner of the road, Fury fell into the trap of a land mine, and 3 wheelers broke down. What will Norman do now?

Will he be able to win the heart of that German girl? Or will Nazi grenades explode at the corner of the road? How will Warddy Don deal with 300 German soldiers with 5?

What is his plan? Can Fury be invincible? You can watch this beautiful movie, I hope you will not be disappointed.


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