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Gone Baby Gone (2007) Movie Review

The private detective couple Patrick and Angie were involved in two child abduction cases in two months. The two cases test their intelligence and morale from different angles.

Ben Affleck could have given a little more time to acting as well as directing. He is very good at making Gritty movies. “Gone Baby Gone” is a movie in the mystery genre of Neo-Noy.

Gone Baby Gone (2007)

Personally, I like to put a private detective couple at the center of the story. Sherlock Holmes and Feluda have been involved in such stories since childhood.

And while most of the time the detective story shows a partnership, bringing a relationship here brings a different dynamic, especially since Patrick had a pretty strong scene defending Angie. With this adjective, the movie can be expressed in one word. Strong.

The trademark of the Neo-Noy story is serious and the Brutal Atmosphere is handled efficiently. The narrative is more hard-hitting as the crimes in the story are about children.

Not a very twisted story as a procedural. The portal of detective thinking has not been so much. Patrick and Angie are effectively two litmus papers that react to the human grid, cruelty, irresponsibility in a colorless city.

The two of them are not only strong detectives, but they also try to help people as much as they can by tackling the mysteries that come their way. Their efforts have been strongly supported, so it doesn’t take long for this detective couple to fall in love.

Loving the movie carries this attachment and the plot of the story. Which is dealt with in a highly emotional and effective narrative about the third act of parenting.

Despite liking the previous two acts, the third act is absolutely fascinating. At the end of the day, the movie thinks. A tight mystery story that owes an extra dimension. Neo-Noy’s choice is the “Gone Baby Gone” must watch.

🎬 Gone Baby Gone (2007)
Directed by – Ben Affleck.
Screenplay by – Ben Affleck, Aaron Stockard.
Based on – Gone, Baby, Gone by Dennis Lehane.
Starring – Casey Affleck, Michelle Monaghan, Morgan Freeman, Ed Harris, John Ashton, Amy Ryan, Amy Madigan, Titus Welliver.
Genre – Neo-Noir, Mystery.
Running Time – 1 Hour 54 Minutes.


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