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King Leonidas stopped the Persian army with only three hundred soldiers – real or just a myth? | 300 movie facts

In the Hollywood movie 300 released in 2006, we saw that in the Battle of Thermopylae, which took place in 480 BC, only a few mighty Spartan warriors stopped the Persian army for three days. Now the question is, did this really happen? What is the real basis of the story of stopping three hundred thousand Persian soldiers with only three hundred warriors?

In short, there is no real similarity between the heroism shown on the silver screen and the reality. But yes, there were 300 Spartan warriors in the Battle of Thermapoli, but they were not alone. They were accompanied by soldiers from different provinces of Greece. Historians estimate that the number of Greek warriors against the invading Persians was about 6,000 or so.

However, there are different theories about the number of Persian troops. The fifth-century Greek philosopher Herodotus claimed that the Persians attacked with about two million troops. However, the actual number was between 1 to 3 lakh. Even if that happened, it must be said that the Greeks clashed with a huge army.

The aim of the Persian emperor Xerxes the Great was to capture the whole of Greece with his huge army, breaking the embankment like a broken wave. But he encounters Leonidas, king of the Spartans, on a narrow pass along the coast of Thermapoli. The place was also known as Hot Gate.

The huge army of the Persians in this narrow pass became ineffective. Because if we want to move forward, we have to grow in limited numbers first. And with this opportunity, the Greeks cut the invaders to shreds. The difference in casualties on both sides was striking – a few soldiers were killed by the Greeks, but a large number of Persians had to go to Yam’s house.

Xerox forces retreated. The Persian king then sends a messenger to intimidate Leonidas. The messenger came and threatened one of the generals, “The sun will set on our arrows.” In response, the Spartan commander said, “Then we will fight in the shadows.” Fighting down the hill, Leonidas’ party was able to hold the Persians captive for a full two days.

Ethnically the Spartans were brutal warriors, as skilled as they were strong. The Spartans did not know what fear was from childhood, the thought of surrender is a far cry. At one point in the battle, when the Persian envoy called for their surrender, Leonidas countered, “Take it if you can.”

However, Leonidas’s resistance was broken due to betrayal. A Greek named Ephialtes, in his greed for prizes, told the Persians a secret path. Eiffeltes informs Xeroxis that there is a hidden detour in Thermapoli, through which the Persian forces can attack the Greeks with full force.

Xeroxis’s troops make a surprise attack on the Greeks, according to Ephialtes’ wickedness. The Persians were led by Mir Jafar Efialtes himself. A large part of Leonidas’ party was destroyed in the battle.

Seeing no way out, the Greek forces were forced to retreat on the third day. Leonidas himself goes back to trap the Persians, allowing the surviving members of the group to escape. But the Spartan king himself knew that the resistance would not last long.

One and a half thousand troops remained with King Leonidas. The team had 300 Spartans; There were also 600 Thespians, 400 Thebans, and hundreds of soldiers from various provinces. Many of whom were slaves.

The Greeks fought for the last time. But the huge, destructive and omnivorous Persian army, like the lava rising from the volcano, quickly ended this unequal battle. And thus ended the heroism of Leonidas.

The murderous king Xeroxis fell through the Greek conquest of the Battle of Salamis and Platia. But let that story be picked up for another day.


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