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Life in a… Metro | Bollywood Movie Review

People build houses for happiness but many times they lose happiness while building houses. There is a huge gap between reality and imagination. Sometimes reality creates a place for morality in our lives.

Sometimes we put more emphasis on the masked man than on accepting the real man. We prefer his smartness to a simple expression. We maintain a loveless relationship only to accept reality. Life In A … Metro actually speaks of a relationship rather than love, a relationship that is built solely on giving and taking.

Life In A … Metro has shown different levels of human relationships. Young, middle-aged, and old-fashioned people are talking about relationships. The mixture of some emotions with reality describes the surrounding situation like a picture.

Life In A... Metro

You need money to grow up, you need money to be happy. So forgetting the right knowledge, we get involved in a loveless relationship in name only to win the race of life. Even if you get temporary happiness, there is a time when you have to be frustrated to find meaning in life.

Love revolves around but True Love doesn’t catch on all the time, or it’s too late when it does. There is no greater happiness than seeing one’s dream come true, but where there is no place in the mind, the dream is like a broken house. So first the mind has to build the house on average, the broken house will also feel like a ruined house.

Love does not die, true love burns in one corner of the mind like a smoldering fire year after year. It can be rekindled in the gust of love, there is no set time for it. But when the clouds are gone for a long time, some people may want to go back to their old place for a while to stay well at the end. Is it possible to be good at all? Or does it lead to regret old mistakes?

The big deep answer to this question. No one in society is perfect. Gold sold like pure gold also has holes and there will be no fault in people, what happens? Is not. If you want to know someone, you have to give them a chance first, then you have to go closer, otherwise, it will not be possible to know the person completely. Love is like nature that changes color at the wrong time. Even lying in one bed, it seems that something like the Great Wall of China is standing. Just as it is difficult to break it, it is not possible to move forward by ruining some relationships in life. Some people wrap the bricks like cement.

Anurag Basu has indirectly portrayed in this movie that we all want to be good but we are looking for happiness. In search of happiness, We fall in love just to be good. The platform of life remains the same, that platform called life may give love to someone with both hands, give someone back empty-handed. Life In A … Metro will remain one of Bollywood’s favorite works for a lifetime as an illustrated example of music, story, and complex life philosophy.


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