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Movie Spotlight: In the heat of the night

Late at night, there is an officer on police patrol. His name is Sam. While patrolling, he was fascinated by the body of a naked girl and stared at her. Out of delusion, he drove away again to perform his duties. Suddenly, he saw a man lying on the road. Going closer, he realized that the man was dead. At the behest of Chief Officer Gillespie, Sam set out to find the killer, as the medical officer said the murder had not taken place long ago. That’s why it won’t be difficult to find the killer in the small town of Sparta in Mississippi.

A colored youth was found at the railway station. He was dragged to the police station as a suspected killer. But alas, this black man claims to be a police officer. Talking to his chief, it is known that he is telling the truth, his name is Virgil. Ekjam, a vigilante homicide detective, was returning to his hometown after meeting his mother but was apprehended from the station. Luckily involved to find the killer of the dead man who came to Sparta from Chicago to open an industrial establishment? But for what reason was he killed and who killed him?

Those who like Murder Mystery will love the movie “In the heat of the night” which was released in 1967 and won Oscars in 5 categories. Along with the murder mystery in the movie, extreme racism has come up. The mental conflict between white and black people is very evident in this movie. The movie is based on John Ball‘s 1965 novel of the same name. Detective Virgin Tibes is played by Sidney Poitier.


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