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Superman & Lois – A Fresh Breathe in Superman’s Story

Ever since Superman & Lois was announced, I have had a nagging feeling. I thought this would be a show more like other CW shows, it will be Corney, low-budget, propaganda filled shows. I was literally surprised when I saw the first trailer after a year of having that attitude.

The Trailer has a matching cinematic level and VFX is extraordinary, not simple like others CW shows! Then I watched a few teasers and researched to see that the budget of the series has increased, VFX is being worked on by companies that are working on big budget blockbuster movies / series like Marvel’s Wandavision, Loki, Falcon. Seeing these things actually created a kind of hype.

Here is the first trailer– 

Then today I watched the first episode of 1 hour. I was sitting with high expectations to watch the series and after watching it from the beginning to the end, nowhere did I feel like I was watching a TV series, more it seemed like I was watching a movie of Superman.

There were many eye-catching moments in the series, but one of the most notable moments was showing the suite of the first Superman from the action comic of 1938, talking to a small child for a few seconds and saying Superman’s “my mom made this for me”. These things seem to have been taken from the original source material and pasted into live action.

Superman and lois series doesn’t portray Superman as a Christian God, but as a helpful “Super Human Being” that I missed in DC’s recent live action Superman movie.

Smallville, Lois and Clark, Man of Steel, Richard Donner’s Superman movie content has left a pure blend in the first episode. From the this series after Smallville, we may see Clark Kent’s normal human life, things like being a Superman and job less, teaching his twin boys about superman powers in Smallville, chemistry with wife Lois Lane, facing supervillain, and most importantly as Jonathan kent’s son also give guidance to the boys and faced the internal politics of Smallville.

I hope the general audience, including Superman fans, will be able to relate Superman in the current context in this series. the show runner tried to show what Superman should be. 

Many years later I got such a quality pilot episode from the superhero genre show and I am totally satisfied with the pilot.I hope everyone will try this TV series. You’ll definitely enjoy the show as a Superman fan! 

The show is currently on its sixth episode. Here is the trailer of the episode. 


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