The Good, The Bad, The Weird (2008)

The Good, The Bad, The Wired (2008) | Movie Review

Remember the latest installment in the 1966 masterpiece movie Western guru Sergio Leone’s Dollars trilogy “The Good The Bad and The Ugly” …? You can say that this movie is a black comedy version of it. However, the story has changed drastically.

Synopsis :

In the 1940s, the Japanese military seized a map of the vast wealth hidden by a dead rich businessman in a desert region of Russia. The news spread throughout the country.

Coincidentally, a Japanese army colonel was killed by a thief while traveling on a train with a map of the hidden treasure. The thief also snatched the map of the hidden treasure without realizing it.

From then on, the story of the movie started ….

Japanese soldiers, a group of Korean outlaws, a group of Chinese bandits, and a bounty hunter set out to snatch the map of the hidden treasure from the thief.

The movie ends with many ups and downs … The director has played with the audience in a western style!

Starring Lee Byung-hun as “The Bad”, Song Kang-Ho as “The Wired”, and Jung Woo-sung as “The Good”. Interestingly, the director first went to Zhang Dong-gang for the character “The Good”. He returned the role because he had a movie like My Way in his hand at the time. Then the director approached Zhang Wu-sang to do the role. However, after watching the film, he praised and regretted returning the role.

In the chair of the director was Kim Jee-Woon, the director of popular films like I Saw The Devil, A Bittersweet Life, Two Sisters Tale, The Age of Shadows.

🎬The Good, The Bad, The Wired (2008)

Genre: Western, Black Comedy, Thriller
IMDb: 7.2/10 (32,224 Vote)
Metascore: 69
Awards: 10 wins 27 nominations

All the time I was engrossed in all the western background scores, all the awesome horse chasing and gunfights, comedy and storytelling.

Despite being a Western lover, if the movie somehow escapes your attention, I would suggest to watch it. Trust me, even if the first fifteen minutes are slow, the story will run very fast from the next. So there is no chance of getting bored.


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