The Green Mile (1999) Movie Review

I am a little tough person. I don’t usually cry. I never thought that I would cry after watching the movie. But this thought was wrong. After watching The Green Mile, some scenes brought tears to my eyes.


The Green Mile movie review

It is not possible to explain how the pain felt. The pain came out from inside with tears that day. Although I saw the movie two years ago, but the emotion of the movie is still alive.

Anyone who sees the simple gaze and teary eyes of John Coffee’s huge body will suffer.

I still can’t forget when John Coffee, scared in the dark, said in the electric chair –
“Sir don’t teach me this, I’m afraid of the dark”

Story Summary:

The main story of the movie The Green Mile revolves around the execution of John Coffey, a convict sentenced to death. Tom was listening to the story of one of the strangest experiences of his career at the tea table to a female friend in his old age home, where Tom confessed that John Coffee had some miraculous powers and that he was innocent but had to be punished.


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