The planets (2019) Documentary Review

According to Newton’s law of gravitation, every object in this universe attracts each other. The effect of attraction is not felt in small objects. I don’t feel my attraction. But the attraction of big things is easily felt. Moon’s attraction raises all the water at one end of the earth.

The tide is created. The attraction of bigger things is more. Suppose Jupiter and its satellite Europe. Jupiter attracts Europa. But there can be no tide in any of them. Because there is no water in anyone’s body.

Jupiter is made entirely of gas. And Europa is all about the stone. As a result, the tide begins to turn in the rocks of Europe. The satellite cracks in a huge way through the rocks. Or one layer of rock comes with another layer and pushes the tide, creating high mountains.

This is called tidal flexure.
More deadly tides can also occur. Saturn had a beautiful satellite next to it. Made of stone and ice. Saturn’s attraction has shattered the satellite. Now that piece is circling around Saturn in a circle.

The planet serial is made up of such strange stories from different parts of the solar system. In addition to the stories of all the planets in the solar system – Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, there are stories of the dwarf planets Pluto, asteroid series and comets as a bonus.

Just one season. 5 episodes. Comes with 5 minisodes. The idea before watching the serial was, all the planets would be more or less like our Earth. Some may not have water, some may have higher temperatures – that’s the difference. But after watching the serial, your thoughts are bound to change.

Every planetary system is completely different from ours. Some planets may have no soil, just gas. A planet may be a whole sun, just like the sun, by mistake. A comet may be in ambush now in the form of a planet. An independent asteroid may now be a satellite.

TV serial- The planets (2019)
Producer – BBC
Cast- Professor Brian Cox, physicist
IMDB Rating- 9.1

There is no atmosphere on any planet, the atmosphere of any planet has burst and all the water has gone into space, again the whole atmosphere on any planet, there is nothing else. All the different worlds are one.

Starting with 1978 Voyager. Since then, rockets have landed on every planet, or et lists have been able to go very close and take pictures. So, we know a lot more about the planets now. You will find detailed descriptions of those missions, interviews with those involved in the missions, the myths associated with the planets, etc. in the serial.

You have a better chance of finding life on any planet in the future, where you can settle down, you can also fix it by watching serials.


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