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Troy (2004) Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom | Movie Review

Paris, the prince of Troy, escapes with Helen, the wife of the Spartan king. But Paris went to Sparta kingdom as a guest of the king. Escaping from there with the king’s wife, Helen, was a daunting task.

Helen is the daughter of the god Zeus. Helen is one of the most talked-about female characters in Greek and Roman mythology. Love and jealousy, creation and destruction, royal faith, and honesty have been revolving around that character for thousands of years. Unique extraordinary beauty that has repeatedly turned into an enchanted woman surrounded by mystery!

Spoiler alert:

Movie name: Troy
Director: Wolfgang Petersen
Author of the story: Homer
Movie Type: Drama, History
Language: English
Release date: 14 May 2004
IMDB rating: 7.2 / 10
Run time: 163 minutes

Achilles and Hector are two opposing heroes in this movie. Hector is a character who can declare war on his brother. He may let himself under the open sword to save him. When Achilles goes alone to kill Hector, Hector forbids all the warriors to attack and fights him alone. What could be braver than this!

Achilles, on the other hand, bravely jumps into battle without waiting for another warship to attack Troy. Looking into the eyes of the lover, Achilles, who knows how to postpone the war, is the only Achilles who goes alone to the death of his younger brother [cousin] to kill his brother’s murderer Hector. The assistant wants to go with him but he doesn’t take it. This war is only his alone!

Before He died, all viewers were saddened to see Hector trying so hard to save his wife and child. At one point he seems to be fighting to keep his wife and child alive.

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When the Prince of Troy, Paris fled with Helen, the Greek warriors set sail for Troy with about 1,000 ships to rescue her and protect Greece’s honor. The famous Greek hero Achilles was the first to get off the ship. Achilles and his companions started fighting.

In the first war, the Greeks captured the port of Troy. In this way, the Greek warriors besieged the port and the state for about 10 years. Achilles’ brother Viroras, Paris’s elder brother Troy Hector Hector and thousands of unnamed warriors on both sides were killed in battle at different times!

Unable to win the war easily, the Greeks resorted to deception. The Trojan Horse, the symbol of one of the most heinous deceptions in history, was born. Greek soldiers hiding in wooden horses came out in the dark of night and set fire to the kingdom of Troy. Within moments, Local was engulfed in flames by the city of Troy. Once upon a time, the beautiful Troyanagari was turned into a ruin!

Both history and mythology blame Helen for the destruction of Troy.

Hector is the most humane person in this tragic action movie. He refused to attack the opposition in the dark of night. According to him, doing so cannot be the identity of a brave warrior. Only cowards can do such degrading things. Achilles, on the other hand, massacred the Trojans in the dark of night, and even children were not spared.

On the other hand, we have to impressed by the love of humanity Hector’s love for his wife and children. The same love for his country.

Towards the end of the movie, Achilles dies after being shot in the ankle by Paris’s arrow. At that moment of death, he said to his beloved, “You gave me peace in a lifetime of war.”

The rest is just death and destruction! Such epic destruction cannot be portrayed in a movie.
Yet the producer has sincerely tried to present the history properly through the movie. After all, you can be sure that you will like the movie! I hope those who have not yet seen it will see it soon.


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