Peaky Blinders

Unknown Facts of Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders fans took a pause and read this some awesome facts about your beloved TV series.

★ The Shelby gang actually existed in Birmingham in the 1920s. But there is no real similarity with the series. It took only a few characters and some information to sort out the plot. Everything else is fiction.

★ Billy Kimber and Derby Sabini were actually gangsters. They were the rivals of the Shelby gang.

Cillian Murphy doesn’t really smoke. But for this series, he had to smoke cigarettes all the time. He even kept counting. According to his calculations, he smoked about 3000 cigarettes during the shooting of the series.

★ Shelby and Michael Gray are actually 2 brothers.

★ There was talk of casting Jason Statham, but it was no longer taken because the appropriate character did not match.

★ Birmingham is shown here but the shooting was actually in Liverpool.

★ The ending of that series has already been published. It will end during World War II.

★ Steven Knight heard many stories about Peaky Blinders in his childhood, from which he was inspired to make this series.


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