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Vikings (TV Series 2013) Review

Viking is one of the most adventurous nations in human history. There was very little “fear” in them. On the contrary, in the Middle Ages, the whole of Europe was terrified of this nation. They were fearless, possessed of huge bodies, strong from other nations, enduring hardships, extraordinary warriors and barbaric pirates.


The historical drama series “Vikings” was created in 2013 by History Channel with the story of the rise of this belligerent nation. The series has a total of 89 episodes in 6 seasons out of which 69 episodes have been released, the remaining 10 episodes are scheduled to be released in November this year. The length of each episode is about 45 minutes. The whole series is based on almost true events, each of the main characters exists in history.

The story begins with the life of Ragnar Lothbrok, an 8th century Scandinavian (now Norway, Denmark, and Sweden) farmer. Ragnar is a farmer and part-time pirate. Every year they would attack and loot the countries to the east of their country on the orders of the leader. But one-day Ragnar learns that there is a country in the west called England where there is huge wealth. Ragnar informs his leader that they want to go west this time but the leader does not agree and says there is no such country. So Ragnar built a ship with the help of a shipbuilder named Flockie, a friend of his, and sailed with his brother and a few friends to the unknown country of England.

Thus begins the story of a farmer who one day becomes the king of the whole of Scandinavia, his name and terror spread all over the world.

In a word, it is a complete series. This series will attract you if you are a fan of epic dramas like Game of Thrones.

The series has been made very realistic. The existence of religion is much greater throughout the series. In particular, the predominance of ancient Norse and Christianity has been shown to be in line with that of the Vikings and Europeans at the time. Norse gods like Odin, Thor, Loki, Frere are mentioned here. Many of the Vikings‘ atrocities are known from this series, such as human sacrifice, the slaughter of slaves as gifts to the corpses of the upper class, the killing of vulnerable or physically disabled children, and the brutal practice of executing blood eagles.

The beautiful natural environment of Scandinavia is beautifully portrayed in the series. There is also great background music that makes every important moment more enjoyable.

One of the moments in the whole series is that the Vikings invade Spain and kill anyone they get in front of, not even women and children. At that time Spain was under Muslim rule. They entered a mosque while praying. It is seen that the Vikings enter the mosque with weapons and stand in front of the Imam but there is no fear in anyone and the Imam keeps on reading Surah. In such a situation, a Viking separates the head from the body of the Imam, but the worshiper in the back comes forward and stands in the place of the Imam and continues the prayers and everyone continues the prayers with concentration.

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When the other Vikings decided to kill everyone, Floki went and liked such devotional worship and he had never seen such a beautiful worship before. He says that even after so many things, the worshipers are praying as if their Lord is standing in front of them and everyone is approaching in fear of him. Seeing them engrossed in such worship, Floki prevents them from killing them and everyone leaves the mosque. Here the beauty of the Muslims’ obedience to Allah and the worship of the Muslims at that time is clearly manifested.

Now let’s turn to some of my favorite characters.

Ragnar Lothbrok: Ragnar Lothbrok is the main character in this series. Even the Vikings series The sagas of Viking Ragnar Lothbrok or Ragnar Lothbrook has been made to imitate medieval stories.

The series shows how Ragnar went from being an ordinary farmer to becoming the king of the whole of Scandinavia. He is a charismatic leader. Due to his courage and intelligence, he became known all over the world as a legend.

Ragnar has been shown as a family man who loves his family very much. He loves the people of his country in the same way and is willing to take any step for their bright future. But even though he is a hero, he is a human being. People just make mistakes and have to pay for those mistakes.

Australian actor Travis Fimmal played the role of Ragnar. And he has poured all his acting into the character of this ragnar. His style of talking, body movement, facial expression was amazing in one word. If you have seen the Vikings series, then of course Ragnar Lothbrook will become one of the favorite characters of the TV series you have seen. And the role of this actor is the biggest behind it.

The moment of Ragnar’s death made me very sad.

Lagertha: Lagertha is the first wife of Lathbrook of Ragnar. She is both a housewife and a shield warrior. She is the strongest female character in the series, both physically and mentally. There is a very strong bond of love between her and Ragnar, but after Ragnar’s second marriage, she breaks up and leaves with her son Byron. After leaving Ragnar, Lagartha became tougher and stronger and at one point reached the top of power.

Lagartha’s character is a powerful reflection of an independent woman. She was at the same time a kind mother and the most famous female warrior in the world at that time. Such a death of such an extraordinary character was not really acceptable.

Bjorn Ironside: Bjorn, the eldest son of Ragnar and Lagartha. Before his eye he saw his father turn from a farmer to a king. But after the separation of the parents, Byron decides to leave Ragner and go with Lagartha. But on the day of Ragner’s danger, he comes running with the help of his father.

Byron is a young and extreme fighter. In the first battle of his life, he cut the opponent in a completely unharmed condition. So Ragnar gives him title as Ironside.
Byrne was once known around the world as his father for his extraordinary heroism. He became the king of his country at one time.

Byron Ironside is a severe playboy type character. The list of his wife and lover is very long.

Byron exists in history. His character has been made based on history. In the series, we see an incident in Paris where Ragnafar pretends to die and enters the city in a coffin and opens the main gate of the city to loot. In fact, this is Bjorn’s incident. Inspired by its history, it was later shown in the series as a Ragar incident.

Ivar the boneless: This is Ragnar’s youngest son. We know the little boys in the family are a little naughty in nature. But Ivory has crossed all limits. He is a cripple. But his clever intellect succumbs to the rate of paralysis. He is humanly the most violent character in this series. Murder is child’s play to him. He even killed his brother in front of everyone in anger. Ivar once became king and later claimed to be God. Ivar is perfect in getting his work done by others. Although he is a negative character, I like him very much.

I also liked the characters of Flokey, Rollo, Uba, King Ebert, Judith, King Alfred.

What more can I say about Judith’s beauty.

All in all, Vikings is a great TV series. There is a lot to learn about medieval history and culture from this series. You can finish looking at this time of quarantine. Hope you don’t get frustrated.


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