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Wonder Woman 1984 (2020) – Spoiler Free Review | Gal Gadot | Chris Pine | Petty Zenkins | Hans Zimmer

Two days ago I watched the second part of DCEU / World of DC’s newly released movie Wonder Woman.

First of all, it is better to admit that my habit of watching movies depends on the director’s name. I don’t watch every director’s movie.  So I did not miss director Patty Jenkins’s direction and famous music director Hans Zimmer’s music on the big screen.

Which made me realize that this episode of Wonder Woman is a bit behind the previous episode. In the first episode there were many wonderful things such as strong character build up, strong storytelling, this time it was a bit less. Now let’s come to the good and bad aspects of the movie and its possible reasons.

Here is the trailer

The Good Side

Let’s start with the good side first. The first good thing about wonder woman 1984 movie is the director herself and Hans Zimmer. The director has tried her best to keep the story of the movie addicted from the very beginning. 

Although the story begins to weaken in the middle of the movie, Patty Jenkins has tried to add something interesting and emotional to cover at least the weak points of the movie. Her efforts are commendable. 

And there is no need to say anything new about Hans Zimmer. This gentleman is the best of all time.

The action scenes in the movie are very good. The movie villain Pedro Pascal’s performance was good. In short, the director wanted to highlight the American culture of the seventies / eighties through cinema.

The whole story surrounding the Dreamstone in the movie paved the way for a future cosmic power called Anti Life Equation in DCEU. Although anti-life has nothing to do with the comic’s Dreamstone. But one of the strengths of the anti-life equation is to subdue the human mind and willpower. If DC wants, it can be shown by following the link of this movie.

However, another interesting aspect of the movie is the story of Steve Trevor’s return. The best part about the movie is that there are some emotional parts to it that will make almost everyone upset. Such as some memories with people previously known to Diana, some scenes with Steve Trevor and so on.

However, this episode adds something new to the Wonder Woman character. Shown are some references to the comic book (maybe). The main characters (Gal, Kristen, Chris) performed well.

Another villain in the movie, the cheetah, is portrayed as strong. Hopefully the cheetah will be shown better in the future. Towards the end of the movie you will also get a reference to a movie before DCEU. The movie’s mid-credit scene is the best.

My mother in particular has been very happy to see the Mid Credit scene since she herself has been a Wonder Woman fan since childhood.

The Bad Side

Now let’s come to the bad side. In fact, as mentioned earlier, this movie is a bit weaker than the previous one, so there was some bad side. 

The first bad aspect is its character build up. The origin of Kristen Wig’s cheetah could have been similar to that of the comic. And even if they didn’t match, at least a little more detail should have shown how she turned into a cheetah. The movie only shows that she wanted to be something and she has become. 

On the other hand, Pedro Pascal’s Maxwell Lord’s villain character is good, but his character was not actually a determined villain. He was a confused villain. I mean, like once he does this, does that again. The character of the villain should have been more rigid or determined instead of being so soft-spoken, like Aries of the previous film. I am not talking about the details for the spoiler about Cheetah and Maxwell.

Now let’s go to another bad side. That is, if the plot holes of the movie were shown in more detail, the mistakes might not be so obvious. 

One of them is how Wonder Woman‘s Lasso of Truth slipped out of her hands and came back to her waist. Maybe it’s wrong again. It’s a reference to the classic Wonder Woman comic where Wonder Woman could teleport herself with her lasso. Thinking like this, maybe Lasso teleported again and came to her waist by itself. But it did not show exactly so the general audience will not understand even if you give that reference of comic book. 

Then Maxwell Lord easily got everyone in the lab to steal that Dreamstone seemed to be too easy . More twists were needed. Dreamstone has also been shown to be very readily available in movies. It needed to be highlighted a little more mysteriously.

The last bad side of this movie in my eyes was some VFX scenes from this movie. Cheetah VFX was not very interesting. And a couple of action scenes from Wonder Woman also presents weak VFX.

Another aspect that I feel is a little odd. Although I’m not calling it a bad thing. But I find it a little boring. That is the “excessive” woman-centric this time. Much like MCU’s Captain Marvel. As feminism was balanced in the first Wonder Woman movie, this time it seemed a little too much. I mean, in the previous movie, Wonder Woman was actually everyone’s hero. But most of the women in this movie were around Wonder Woman.

I considered the good and the bad. Let’s see what are the possible reasons behind the weak points of the movie?

Here is the opening scene of Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)

Why is the movie weaker than the previous episode?

There could be many “probable” reasons for this. All I can think of is the re-shoot and the current Corona situation. We know that the release and post-production of this movie for Corona has been much slower. 

And if there is more obstruction in the work of a movie, then naturally the creative aspects of the movie do not remain the same. The director’s mind changes, the type of work changes, not everyone’s performance is in the same rhythm, all in all the real content quality of the movie goes up and down. 

I think this is one of the reasons why this movie has such a weak side. There may be other reasons, such as if the studio has changed the creative line-up of the movie.

In the end I will say that this movie is not mind blowing. But not so bad. While not a must watch type, there is no doubt that this movie is a good time pass for superhero movie lovers. 

Although the movie seemed much better than some of DCEU’s movies. Such as Suicide Squad, Birds of Prey. But the movie could have been a lot better as we know Patty Jenkins is a good director.

My Personal rating – 7.5 / 10

Happy watching. 🖤


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